Education Programme

Preparatory Schools:
Currently Mass Welfare Society is running 10 Non-Formal Education Centres for street & working children, where they are provided with free educational materials and nutritional support and are prepared for mainstreaming and admission into local Government Schools. These centres are located in various unauthorized slums of Kolkata and a remote village in South 24 Paraganas. 2 of the centres are in Beckbagan, 2 in Topsia, 2 in Peyarabagan (Bhowanipur), 2 in EM Bypass (Panchannagram & Matangini Pally), 1 in Dum Dum Park and 1 in Dhamua (South 24 Paraganas).


Coaching Centres:
Children from the Prep Schools who are admitted into Formal Schools are provided with back-up tuition support and allied educational materials in Coaching Centres so as to minimize school drop-out rates. At present, there are 4 Coaching Centres – 2 in Beckbagan, 1 in Payarabagan and 1 in Matangini Pally (EM Bypass).

Adult Literacy Centre : A Centre for grown-ups is also operataed at Ahiripukur 2nd lane, Beckbagan. The objective is to make adults literate and also increase their social awareness regarding Human Rights, Women’s Rights, Child Rights, Health & Hygiene, Legal Rights, Environment and other relevant social issues.

Mitra Sangha, Peyarabagan Bhai Bhai Sangha, Peyarabagan
Swami Vivekananda Viyamandir, Dumdum

Little Flower School, Dhamua

  Health Care Programme

Health Check-up Camp:
Every month Health Check-up Camps are organized for children of each and every Prep School and Coaching Centre. Qualified Doctors check-up the children, height & weight cards and vaccination cards are maintained and free medicines are provided to the children and needy people from the local community. Necessary steps are taken for special cases.

Health Clinic:
Homoeopath and Allopath Clinics are run 3 times a week specially for poor and needy children, women and widows within the community. D.H.M.S. and M.B.B.S. doctors facilitate the programme. Medicines are provided free of cost. Regular Heath Awareness Programmes on preventive health care are also organized from time to time within the community, facilitated by these doctors.

Eye Camp:
Free Eye Camps are organized for the children attending our Centres, free medicines are provided to needy people and special & emergency cases are referred to related hospitals.

Nutritional Support:
Cooked Food/Tiffin is provided everyday to all children coming to the Prep Schools & Coaching Centres.

  Skill Development Programme

Vocational Training Centre:

Skills training in Embroidery, Tailoring, Doll-Making, Soft Toy-Making and Mehandi Designing is provided to women and adolescent girls to prepare them to be members of the Production Centre and thereby enabling them to become earning members for their families.

Production Centre:
Run by trained women from the Vocational Training Centre who can run a business of their own.

  Women’s Empowerment Programme

Small Saving Group for distressed women who can take loans for using in their income generating activities (business).

Self Help Group to create a suitable atmosphere within the community by making them active earning members of their families.

Mother’s Meetings:
Monthly Mother’s Meetings with mothers of the children and other women of the local community are conducted in each and every Prep Centre so as to sensitize them and increase their awareness levels regarding Women’s Rights, Child Rights and other relevant social issues. Free legal aid and financial services are also provided to helpless women and widows. They are also encouraged to make their own sustainable development through income generation programmes.

  Capacity Building / Social Awareness Programmes

Various programmes are organized for local educated and unemployed youth from distressed communities, young adolescents-at-risk, community volunteers and organization staff on cross-cutting social issues e.g., Child Rights, Human Rights, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse, HIV/AIDS etc. to created an enabling environment through networking and advocacy.

Various national and international days of the World Social Calendar e.g., International Health Day, Population Day, International Literacy Day, Women’s Day etc. are observed to create mass awareness within the local communities. Rallies, seminars and training workshops on different relevant issues are also organized from time to time.

  Awareness Programmes on ‘Trafficking’ and ‘Violence Against Women’

Mass Welfare Society has laid special emphasis on the issues of ‘Trafficking’ and ‘Violence Against Women’, and awareness and sensitization programmes on these issues are conducted from time to time. Information on these issues e.g., reasons for these crimes, existing laws and their promulgation, Government & NGO interventions, anti-trafficking models and dos and don’ts are disemminated among people of the local community.

Awarness Programme on Women & Child Trffcking
  Conflict Resolution & Peace Building Programme

Training and workshops are organized by the organization to minimize conflicts in various everyday situations followed by peace building. This is a unique activity of the organization through which participants are educated about Conflict Resolution & Peace Building so that they can identify conflict and establish peace, thereby increasing productivity and overall well being.

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